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We could start a fund for you

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

A short video interview with Nate on the ride to the airport from the end of the Berlin trip. The fund is started – send me money to contribute!

YouTube on the AppleTV and the iPhone

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

YouTube logoI’m never was a terribly heavy YouTube user but now that it’s both always in my pocket and on the nice Audio/Video system at home I find myself filling a spare moment here and there with random videos. Most of these videos fall into one of four categories – cute, funny, cute and funny, or the largest category: paper-thin mid-to-post teens producing mostly random and meaningless content. I’m not entirely sure if the world is a better place having been subjected to the last category but I’d rather have crappy user created content be king than populate an internet based on censorship where such drivel isn’t permitted.

Content gamut aside one of the things that has struck me as odd over my past week of using my iPhone is how differently implemented the YouTube application is on my iPhone versus my AppleTV. They both allow for the browsing of a partial selection of the YouTube library streamed directly from the internet, but they both have some features the other lacks. Here is a breakdown of client-specific features that have puzzled me:



All in all I think YouTube was a great addition to both product offerings, but I’m puzzled as to the disparity in the feature lists. I will be interested to see if future software updates for both platforms bring their feature sets closer together. Google’s “cloud of data” and Apple’s experience in creating engaging and intuitive user interfaces making for a market juggernaut that will be hard to beat.

Project Re:M1xed

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

My friend Mike and I had an idea of creating a movie mashup entirely from other movies. Fair use gives us the right to use up to 8 seconds of another work without violating their copyright, so why not make a short film (5-10 minutes) made entirely from 8 second or less clips of other movies.

So far we are thinking doing a homage to cult Sci-Fi movies by making our own from the leavings of others. We have a library of 750+ DVD’s to pull samples from, and access to decent video editing tools to make our job easier. We may interleave audio and video from different sources simultaneously to allow for more dialog and action options, but only 8 seconds per sample will be allowed.

We are looking for help in everything from envisioning to helping polish the final project. Obviously this is not for money, but it should prove to be a blast. If you have creative ideas that might make this better we want to hear them – join us in our creative endeavor – just leave a comment or drop me an email!

More time lapse wackiness

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

Today I spent much of the day finally cleaning up my place after CES hit it like a tornado. Halfway through it suddenly occurred to me I could try using EvoCam on my Macbook in the living room. I’m also Right-click here to download the 2.8MB Quicktime 7 .mp4 file or check out after the jump for an embedded version.

I’m using Quicktime because it’s higher quality than flash and since with this one I’m experimenting with high frame-rates and larger video sizes it just made more sense. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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New media stuff

Friday, January 19th, 2007

It’s been a busy week at work, but I’ve still found the time to put together a couple of cool projects. I finally took the time to wade through all my Lensbaby shots and collect the gems into a Flickr set entitled ‘Best of Lensbaby‘. Check it out for some of my favorites, and to see it grow over time.

In addition I also picked up a copy of EvoCam for my iMac. Bre suggested it as a Photobooth replacement when I was looking to remove the “screen flash” and I ended up falling in love with it for some of it’s more advanced features. At first I was a little hesitant to throw $25 at webcam software, but even after just a few hours I was in love with EvoCam.

It has a really neat way to set up motion activated time lapse movies using the iSight. Basically my iSight is on all the time now. Whenever movement is detected (i.e. I am sitting at the computer) it takes a photo every 15 seconds, and adds the photo as a frame in a time lapse movie. At 24 frames per second playback speed and 15 seconds of real time per frame of video it makes it easy to watch my life go by at a 6 minutes per second. Even cooler is that since it’s motion activated there are no long gaps of nothingness while I’m at work or sleeping.

I’ve got it set to cut the movie and start a new one each day at midnight so I’ll end up with a detailed log of my computer usage, and something that’s actually pretty cool as an art project by itself. Below I’ve posted a quick one that only takes up an hour or so of “real time” and was more of an experiment than anything else – be expecting cooler versions at some point in the near future.

The Quicktime version is very large, but has a keyframe for every single shot in the time lapse so it’s very high quality. I’ve compressed it down to a flash video to show here, but might be making DVD’s to mail out if any of the coming days produce anything particularly interesting or thought provoking. Without further ado:


Making a fool of myself Intel style

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

I’m officially all Vegas’ed out, but luckily I get to leave today. We had a lot of fun, and there are a ton of great videos up on gearlive.com – check them out! I’m already looking forward to CES next year, and getting home tonight to see Skype!

A quick video to leave you with from the Intel booth at CES:

42 stitches

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

I went over to the Tom Bihn factory with Skype today so he could try fitting my Macbook in some prototypes of new bags. Unfortunately Skype behaved badly with his dog Reilly and tried to get into a bit of a fight, but other than that it was a great visit. I just kept Skype on his leash and right next to me while Tom, Darcy, and myself sat around for a while talking about bags and computers.

Tom made me a longer key loop for one of my bags and I got to see the coolest sewing machine ever in action. This machine sews 42 stitches automatically into a strip to seal two ends together. It’s almost hypnotic to watch it pound out 42 stitches so precisely in about a second. I took this video of the mechanical ballet – check it out:

Vodcast quickie: Skype with a firetoy

Monday, October 16th, 2006

I had to share this one – I think it’s adorable. I took a video of Skype playing with a toy made of fire-hose. He loves them because once the stuffing has been removed they are virtually indestructible. Now without further ado or any apologies for the crappy video quality:

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iSight Vodcast

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

A quick post to test how well the built in microphone and iSight in my iMac work:

I would say the answer is pretty well for simple stuff like this. Obviously I won’t be shooting the next special effects blockbuster with the thing, but it does a pretty decent job for this type of application. I also note that using the new iMovie HD was surprisingly easy and painless.The Core 2 Duo also impressed when I finally exported it. It did a h.264 encode down to 320×240 and managed to compress the 95MB of DV video into about 2MB in less than 10 seconds.

Update: As further testament to how easy this whole process was I just realized that I sat down at my computer less than 15 minutes ago. In that time I was able to do two takes of the video podcast, trim it, add a title and compress it for the web – not to mention writing this post and uploading the video to my hosting provider. iMovie HD + iSight = a strong win for Sparky!

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