About Sparky

I’m Sparky, a mid-twentysomething technologist living in Seattle, WA. I’m passionate about technology, photography, and the advancement of human kind. I look to make the world a better place, and want to share my vision of a technological society with the world.

The history:
I grew up in Walla Walla and started my fascination with computers at age 6 with the Apple IIgs that my parents purchased for my use in school. That passion carried through to my first job in computer (a contract tester at Microsoft) at age 17. In the last 10 years since I’ve worked for a number of companies including click2learn.com, Greythorn, Endeavor, and The Tyken Group. I have filled a number of diverse roles for the field including Tester, Developer, Recruiter, Project Manager, and currently Product Management.

When not challenging myself in the business world I like to relax with video games and movies. I have an ever growing movie collection and always love finding new cinematic gems. For video games I enjoy open-ended role playing games, and shooters with excellent and excellent story. Some of my favorite games and series lately have been Oblivion, Morrowind, Crackdown, Mass Effect, Bioshock, the Mario series (especially Super Paper Mario), the earlier Final Fantasy games (through 9), and last but not least the Katamari Damacy series.

Places where I can be found:

How to contact me:
I welcome communication and connection with my visitors. To contact me leave a comment on a relative post on Futurist Now, or just send an email to my gmail account – the username is sparktography. You can also send me a direct message me on Twitter.