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Infodump of the moment: my daily listen list

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Nobody asked, but here is my daily track listing in iTunes. This is a mixture of specific albums, some shuffle mode, a genius playlist for a few tracks, and then some hand selected sets in the evening to provide a backdrop for working from home.

Blasphemous Rumours by Blasphemous Garden
Needle Through a Bug by Repo! The Genetic Opera Cast
Seventeen Repo! by The Genetic Opera Cast
I Didn’t Know I’d Love You So Much by Repo! The Genetic Opera Cast
Let the Monster Rise by Repo! The Genetic Opera Cast
Genetic Repo Man by Repo! The Genetic Opera Cast
The Thorian by Richard Jaques, Jack Wall
Things You See In a Graveyard by Repo! The Genetic Opera Cast
Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex
Lightin’ Hopkins by R.E.M.
Fireplace by R.E.M.
Legal Assassin by Repo! The Genetic Opera Cast
In Space by Royksopp
21st Century Cure by Repo! The Genetic Opera Cast
Jericho by Prodigy
Alcohol by Barenaked Ladies
Try Me (Puts Inst.) by J. Boogie
Straight to Video (The Birthday Massacre Remix) by Mindless Self Indulgence
Just Like Heaven by The Cure
Happy Now by No Doubt
What Sound by Lamb
Love Song For My Mom by Moby
Witch The Ditch by Erasure
Straight to Video by Mindless Self Indulgence
Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) by The Jacksons
Human Nature Michael Jackson
Run On by Moby
Off the Wall (Single Version) by Michael Jackson
Crazy For You by Madonna
Its My Life by No Doubt
End It On This by No Doubt
Something To Do by Depeche Mode
Dreaming Of Me by Depeche Mode
Come On Closer by Jem
Watch the World Burn by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
Voyager by Daft Punk
La Isla Bonita by Madonna
Pulsewidth by Aphex Twin
When Doves Cry by Prince
It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back) by Eurythmics
Pump Gag by Negativland
The End (Reprise) by Sam Hulick, Jack Wall
It’s Only A Game by Psyki
Functional by Psyki
Junkyard Sounds Disc 1 by Radio Is Happy Noises
Junkyard Sounds Disc 2 by Radio Is Happy Noises
Uplink by Sam Hulick
Sovereign’s Theme by Sam Hulick
Battle At Eden Prime by Sam Hulick
Tristesse Globale by Royksopp
30 Century Man by Scott Walker
The Normandy by Sam Hulick
In Pursuit of Saren by Sam Hulick, Jack Wall