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And then the floods came

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Just days ago I twittered about how twitter had killed my desire to write long form content (how meta). In a cruel twist of fate I now find myself with events in my life bringing back the need for long form content: a personal disaster. My condo was flooded on Tuesday, and although I ‘broke the news’ on twitter the topic definitely deserves a more through write up.

Tuesday morning my dog walker called me in a panic to let me know my condo was flooding and water was pouring in through the cling. I came racing home to find 20+ gallons of water a minute draining in from my ceiling in the entryway, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom and my dog Skype laying in a puddle whimpering.

A quick call to the fire department later and they beat the door in for my upstairs neighbor to discover a faulty toilet valve and full water mains pressure flowing into the unit. They were able to shut off the water, but at that point it was too late – my unit was completely soaked, and my downstairs neighbor’s unit had sustained quite a bit of damage as well.


After filing an insurance claim the work begun. Service Master appeared to start cleaning up the water and ripping out drywall, insulation, and the carpet. The condo is a total disaster now – I’m missing a ceiling, several of my walls, my carpet and sub floor. Additionally my bed was soaked through, one of my couches was destroyed, and most of my clothing was ruined. All of this has effectively made me homeless in the short term.

Thankfully I have an both excellent friends and an excellent insurance agent so I have a place to stay and everything will be back to normal in a month or so, but Christ – what a nightmare. All this is of course happening on the eve of when I had planned to list my condo to upgrade to a house so life is just complicated coming and going.

Ahh the joys of owning property.