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Berlin in brief

By Sparky | June 9, 2008

Berlin is awesome – I suspect that is a condition which actually applies to much of Europe as well, but as I don’t have time to go personally verify that statement I’ll stick to Berlin for the time being. The culture here is delightfully efficient while maintaining an easy going pace and a friendly atmosphere. Every German I’ve met has smiled at me when speaking, and seems genuinely happy to see me – certainly not something you could say about the States.

Hotel Concorde at sunrise

HP has put us up in the Concorde, a beautiful 5 star hotel in the West German town center. It’s a great location which makes walking hither and yon an easy task. As busy as I’ve been I’ve taken every effort to get out and explore, taking photos along the way. I’m way behind in posting those photos, but I’ll try to catch up in the next few days and get another batch uploaded to my Flickr stream.

Ciao for now – off to get ready for the first day of interviews.

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