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Feeling caught up

By Sparky | February 17, 2008

After several crazy weeks I’m finally starting to feel caught up this weekend. Throughout the course of the weekend I’ve completed lots of little tasks and chores that have been slowly building up in my life since my career got crazy (both work to do right now, and finding new work for a few months in the future) everything else seemed to get put on hold.

Having caught up my stress levels are slowly returning to a more manageable level. This is a good thing as my health tends to suffer when I get too stressed out and in a case like this getting sick would only increase how far behind was. I’m starting to get more energy back and feeling more social as a result. Traskpro development may slow down slightly in the coming weeks if I end up being out of the house more when not at work.

Somebody explain this to me

I even found the time to take a few photos in the last few days. The above shot of Mike being Mike was taken from joining him, Cyn, and Charlotte at Cal Anderson park for some impromptu picnic play this morning. I’m also a fan of this new addition to my sticker series, and to this shot from the Pink Parasol – a cute little boutique a couple of blocks from my house.

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One Response to “Feeling caught up”

  1. Janet Says:
    February 19th, 2008 at 5:28 pm

    Hands down, that is my favorite picture of Barta, ever. It’s just so HIM.