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Kernel Panic really puts a crimp on your day

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

Kernel Panic

Nothing gets your day going like a batch of bad RAM. After a rousing morning of test driving a BMW 540i with Brien I sat down for an afternoon of writing, both for some personal projects as well as for Gear Live. Sadly I was greeted with the above kernel panic screen shortly after I sat down and the problem re-manifested itself immediately upon reboot.

Several reboots later and it was kernel panicking on boot, and wouldn’t even boot from the OS X install DVD to try and re-install the OS. A quick trip to the Apple store revealed that my RAM was bad, and worse yet since I bought 3rd party RAM rather than upgrading with the Apple RAM it would not be covered directly by Apple so I have to take the issue up with Kingston. I was immediately faced with the unpleasant thought that I would either have to spend $300 on new RAM tonight, or face n days without iChoad waiting for Kingston to RMA the old RAM, and get new RAM out to me.

Luckily my friend Mike came to the rescue and is loaning me 2Gb of RAM for iChoad for the next couple of days until I can get everything sorted out with Kingston and get replacement RAM to last the rest of iChoad’s expected life-span. Thank you Mike for saving my life on this one! I’ve got too many projects juggled in the air to lose my primary workstation!

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Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

Blogging Gear Live

Friday, September 21st, 2007

I am pleased to announce my triumphant return to the professional blogging scene at Gear Live. I’ve been busy with other things in my life the last 6 months or so and haven’t had a chance to write up articles and reviews, but now that things have settled down a little bit I plan to be writing weekly columns again and reviewing more gadgets and technology. I’m close to finishing up some final details to confirm I’ll be going CES again next year with the Gear Live crew – yay!

The re-launch of my Gear Live writing career starts with an in-depth review of the V-Moda Vibe Duos. There are a lot more exciting things coming to the site (including a fantastic new site design launching soon) so bookmark Gear Live and stay tuned for more announcements! If you just want to see the posts I’ve written you can always look at the filtered view of my posts on Gear Live.

Site re-launch: Bulimia Resources

Friday, September 21st, 2007

I’m proud to announce the re-launch of Bulimia Resources, my very own sadistic satire of the wonderful wide world of beauty. It’s likely the most tasteless thing I’ve ever done and boy am I proud.

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Friday, September 21st, 2007


Thursday, September 20th, 2007

I had a few errands to run on my way home today and I happened to pass by a McDonalds, only to be stricken with a horrible craving for a Big Mac. I semi-reluctantly stopped in for dinner, and I do have to say for the record that my Big Mac Extra Value Meal was salty, fatty, and delicious.

Now three hours later I remember why I haven’t eaten at McDonalds in the last 3 years: I feel like absolute shit. My body is rebelling in the face of a giant lump of fat, salt, carbs, and preservatives is now slowly working its way through my gut, sapping me of every last shred of vibrancy and humanity.

Remember folks: when the craving comes just say no!

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Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Of advertising and social commentary

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Advertising is an interesting world – companies invading the psyche of the consumer, introducing products and messages with a singular goal in mind: profit. Many companies (AtlasDMT, Google, Yahoo, etc) have been quite successful on the web in finding ways to make contextual advertising automatic, targeted, and easy for both publishers to implement and consumers to use.

That being said I decided to experiment a little bit with advertising on Futurist Now. I’m not really doing this with a financial goal in mind (although having my hosting bills paid for every month would be nice) but more to see how the various contextual algorithms handle my content and what kind of companies they select to place advertisements on.

Obviously they have a vested interest in pushing companies they think my visitors are likely to click on (as their revenue is entirely click based) so seeing the products and services selected provides an insight into the web-browsing consumer, although in a statistically averaged way.

Provided the random nature of my content, and my wide range of topics this experiment has already led to some very interesting results. For instance the contextual advertisement script decided that linking the name Jack Thompson to a product in their catalog which contained a director of the same name as shown by the image below:

Amazon advert for Jack Thompson

Now on the surface this not only makes sense from a technological perspective, but also from that of delightful social commentary. In the post in question I was referring to the now infamous Jack Thompson, legal attack-dog on a crusade against violence in video games. Jack Thompson the ex-attourny (the State of Florida BAR association pulled his license to practice law last year) has spent the last few years trying to ban violent video games as he perceives them to be the cause of almost every ill that threatens society.

Amazon was kind enough to link his name to the movie Feed, which starred an entirely different Jack Thompson, and yet somehow seems fitting. Feed is one of the best trashy C rate movies I am proud to own. The movie revolves around a murder detective who crosses continents in search of a serial killer who lovingly fattens feeds his victims to death. Upon their deaths he liquifies their fat to feed to his next victimlover, thus closing the loop on the food chain and completely disgusting the movies audience.

There is justice in advertising!

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