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Parenting: like father like son

By Sparky | September 4, 2007

Skype has unfortunately joined his father in the wonderful wide world of adult dental woes. Recently Ken and I were playing with Skype and threw a ball which he lunged to catch – face first into one of my condo’s walls. He hit the wall hard enough with his nose to break the wall, and unfortunately himself as well. One of his tiny front (adult) teeth got knocked loose and it knocked him for a loop for a bit. The next day he seemed fine other than the tooth being a little loose, and today it fell out completely.

Funny timing given that I had a tooth extracted just last month, and two root canals today – it’s almost like a bonding experience. Luckily for Skype he seems pretty much unaware of his plight and is back to his normal self. This has been a particularly emotional parenting moment for me given how many problems I have with my own teeth – something I can really identify with, and love on him for.

Now if I could just condition myself to forget about my own dental problems I would be set. Ignorance is bliss!

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