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Bioshock dream

By Sparky | September 3, 2007

Sparky in a dream

I’ve actually had quite a nice Labor Day weekend so far. This photo is unfocused, just like me – Today I thought I would use my day off for some photography but felt uninspired and unfocused. I didn’t really get any shots I loved, but somehow this one called out to me for some posting love. The processing I gave it was highly inspired by my latest fling: Bioshock.

On Saturday morning Brien and I went to Northgate to buy copies of Bioshock and I ended up spending most of the weekend playing it. Bioshock a very amazing game – I normally hate/suck at first person shooter games, but Bioshock does a great job of minimizing the twitch factor, and making combat much more strategy oriented. The game features a terrifying dystopian 60′s feel and genuinely manages to feel scary at times – best enjoyed in the dark with the 5.1 sound cranked.

Much like my favorite game Oblivion, Bioshock lets you play your way – creeping in the shadows or all out combat, it’s your choice. I love the Plasmids (magic in most games, bio-engineered superpowers in Bioshock), and find that they add a rich element to the game. Surprisingly for being a shooter I use almost no guns – my plasmids and the wrench you get in the opening scene carried me through much of the game.

Sparky in a dream” by sparktography

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