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A triptych of mini-reviews

By Sparky | August 26, 2007

Twitter – I first experienced Twitter back in February and didn’t really get into it at the time, letting my Twitter page fade into distant memory. Recently I got the unlimited SMS textng plan from AT&T and decided to give it another go via my mobile phone – a much better experience all in all. I’ve been having much more fun with it of late – not only are more of my friends on Twitter, but I’ve found new meaning and writing inspiration in the art of concisely crafted content fitting within the 140 character confine put in place by the medium.

iPhone – I still love my iPhone! I’m really surprised at how long the honeymoon is lasting – I’ve had my iPhone for about two months now and I still find myself quietly gibbering about how cool it is. Most gadgets have a 2-3 week honeymoon phase with me before I take a flight of fancy to some new toy, and the best of gadgets sometimes make a month – my iPhone has not only blown past that limit, but doubled it. What makes it so worthy of praise I ask myself: a fun to use, well implemented device that does pretty much everything I need it to.

PAX – The Penny Arcade Expo happened this year in the Washington State Convention Center, a big improvement over the overcrowding of last years shoulder to shoulder overly-olfactory cluster of un-bathing gamers. The extra breathing room this year helped make for a more open experience – much easier to get around. When compared to other technology conventions I’ve been to PAX has a certain charm in that it’s much more focused on the consumers (gamers in this case) than the technology. This leads to a more causal vibe than so many other events.

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