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Radio silence

By Sparky | July 28, 2007

I’ve been silent for the last week, but I have a good excuse dammit! Both my peer and my boss on the PM side of things at work have been out of the office and a few 14 hour days have ensued keeping up with things. Unfortunately not everything went perfectly, but we have mitigation plans and I think everything will work out in the end. The stress kind of got to me by the end of the week but I managed to keep everything going and for the most part keep all the fires under control while helming the ship.

It’s been stressful on me (and Skype) but the weekend is here, and at least my peer is back so I’ve been able to for the most part take things easy this weekend and relax. Sylwia is here helping me clean right now while I’m working on a few projects, and later Ken and Scott are coming by for an evening of excess – just what the doctor ordered.

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