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Lost and found: film from days past

By Sparky | July 15, 2007

Yesterday while Sylwia and I cleaned my place we found 3 old rolls of film. They were all more than 5 years old (I haven’t shot anything but digital since) and I had no idea as t o what could be on them. I went to Ritz with my friend Scot an afternoon out at the mall to have them developed and sadly they were so old old they had some decay and color shifting, but I got a couple of cool shots from them.

filmroll 07

The four images above are of building 9 at Microsoft from 2000 back when I was working at there the first time as a contractor. The fact that the exposed film had sat for so many years without proper care or refrigeration added a bluish tone to the pictures, and in general the prints were faded. I’m going to be experimenting more with some of these shots as I like the feel this produces – it might be fun to start taking photos with my Lomo again, but leave the film exposed and in a box for 5-10 years before developing it.

One of the rolls wasn’t even exposed. I don’t consider it a total waste however to have paid for development because this morning I got a chance to experiment and take a few digital shots of film. Talk about meta-photography!

Kodak 400UC

filmroll 07” by sparktography
Kodak 400UC” by sparktography

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