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Right back in the thick of it

By Sparky | July 9, 2007

Getting back into the swing of things after a vacation can be hard – particularly when you have week like mine lined up. I had an 8:00 meeting to start the week off, 2,400 emails waiting for me, and finished off the day late with a homeowners board meeting for my condo association that went until nearly 8:00 again. Tomorrow morning brings root canals and other miscellaneous dental work at 7:00 in the morning, and a variety of tasks at work that I highly suspect are going to fall in my lap.

I can’t complain too much though – after spending 5 days hanging out with friends, shooting photos, and generally enjoying myself my batteries are recharged, I’m caught up on all my chores, and I knocked off a ton of personal to-do’s! Feeling caught up in my personal life makes it easier to feel slightly behind the eight-ball at work!

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