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By Sparky | June 19, 2007

Parenting is a most difficult trial of love at times, but the rewards are unimaginable. Today I dropped Skype off at the vet’s in the morning to be put under anesthesia so they could get a biopsy to help diagnose his ongoing skin condition and clean his teeth while they were at it.

As usual while he was there I was a bit of a nervous wreck, and the moment they called me at 2 in the afternoon I raced to Broadway Veterinary Clinic to pick him up. He’s doing well – he has a few sutures and is still rather groggy from all the drugs they gave him.

He curls up next to me on the couch whimpering momentarily (it’s frighteningly easy to feel like a bad father every time he whimpers), and occasionally stands up, half wanders/half staggers around the room for a moment then comes back to sleep some more on the couch. Every time he wakes up I can tell there is a slight tinge of panic in his face until he looks up and realizes I’m there.

I can tell he’s coming out of the drug haze more and more each time he makes a round, and I’m not sure if I want to smother him in love for having gone through it, or laugh slightly when I see a big lumbering Pit Bull stagger. I think both is probably the best answer to that question. Let the loving ensue.

I’ve got a ton of painkillers, antibiotics, and steroids to give him for the next month so hopefully the sutures will heal up within a week, and after diagnoses comes back on the biopsy we can hopefully get his skin condition under control. I have to wait for him to start drinking water voluntarily before I can give him his medications for the first time, but hopefully he will start getting thirsty soon – he hasn’t had a thing to drink last night (as per the vets orders prior to the surgery) and I would think he would be rather thirsty by this point.

And yes mom and dad – It was a true “parenting moment” by your definition – having Skype under partial anesthesia has involved cleaning various bodily excrement from unusual places. I think this is lives way of getting me back for all those diaper changes you guys went through all those many years (oh god – almost 26 now) ago!

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