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Fortress: Blue vs. Green

By Sparky | May 28, 2007


It a fortress of blue defending against a green encroachment. I may have been overly pessimistic about some of the photos I took today – the more I look at some of them the more I like them. Fortress took a bit of finessing in Photoshop to make the lines and colors speak with the proper voice, but I’m really happy with the outcome. Lensbabies really are fantastic lenses if used properly – I’m settling into a pattern where I really don’t use anything but a Lensbaby or my 50mm f1.4. The only other lens I really have any interest in getting at this point would be a fisheye lens, but time shall tell on that one.

Rob had a very different take on the same subject – it’s the stark compositional realism to my ethereal essence of a dream. Check it out!

Fortress” by sparktography

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