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Memorial day weekend done right

By Sparky | May 26, 2007

I’m enjoying the heck out of myself this weekend. My group at work got a 4 day weekend for Memorial day and I’ve been making the most of it and doing a good job of relaxing myself and getting out to do fun things I don’t normally get to do.

On Thursday night I went out with Troy and Tommy to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. It’s a fun little flick with great action sequences, and over the top special effects. The Davy Jones locker sequence is particularly well done both artistically as well as using a unique and brilliant storytelling method to help the audience experience Jack Sparrows stay in the locker. There are a good number of cheesy lines sprinkled throughout – no doubt a side effect of being a Disney production.

Aside from the Pirates of the Caribbean showing I’ve been doing quite a bit of photography the last few days and I plan to keep it up over the next two as well. I’d put down my camera for over a month being so busy at work and it’s really nice to pick it back up again and continue to build my skills and explore new ideas:

Water arc over man

Jesse, Nate, and Brenda joined me at Greenlake park in Seattle for some experimentations with water and high speed photography. A flash and a fast shutter speed (combined with a attempts and experimentation) resulted in some pretty cool results. This is an arc of water suspended over Jesse.

To see a moment about 1/10th of a second of this photo check out this photo. For a look at all the photos from our water tossing experiments that I posted check out my throwing water tag on Flickr.

In pursuit of more photography, and due to the increased number of forms I’ve had to print and sign of late I decided to finally bite the bullet and buy myself a printer. I planned on getting a cheap little thing for black and white document printing but once I got to the store I realized that for not much more money I could get a great Epson photo printer with a built in scanner thats a higher resolution (and color bit depth) than the one I have now. I ended up heading home with an Epson Stylus Photo RX580 and so far I’m pretty happy with it. The scanner seems very accurate (I’ll have to really put it through it’s paces tomorrow), and with 7 separate ink colors it seems to do a pretty decent job of printing on high quality photo paper.

Water arc over man” by sparktography

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