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Tales of conditioned air

By Sparky | May 8, 2007

My day involved a larger than normal number of air conditioning incidents today! Being the first relatively hot day of the year (almost 80 degrees here in Seattle) I discovered a flaw in my otherwise lovely new pimpmobile: the AC can’t keep up even in this moderate heat. I took it by University Audi and they quickly diagnosed it as a bad compressor, but they won’t be able to fix it today as they need to order a part and won’t have loaner cars available to me for over a week. I’m not to pleased with the idea of my precious leather getting sweat on it, but I don’t really see a way around it.

Upon getting home I also discovered that my condo had reached a good 90 degrees inside so I wrestled my giant black thug of an air conditioner out of the closet (Ha! – been a while since anything came out of my closet) and into the bedroom. After a few short minutes of getting everything hooked up the AC was running full blast and my bedroom is a comfy 75 degrees. I’m not looking forward to a high power bill again this summer like I had last summer, but having an icy cool den to plot my world domination in is a simple must for me being as sensitive to heat as I am.

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