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Never trust Verizon

By Sparky | April 9, 2007

About six months ago I had an brief but torrid affair with a Motorola Q which ended in an 6 hour saga (over 3 calls and a months time) on the phone with Verizon canceling my service (I had the Q less than 48 hours). After the 3rd call I thought everything was sorted out, they assured me I wouldn’t pay for anything, and that business was done.

If only life could be that simple: today I got a notice from a collections agency regarding my “outstanding bill with Verizon”. Not only was the bill ridiculously inflated (I suspect identity theft because they claim the line had active for several months), but I had to spend another hour on the phone with them sorting it out this evening.

Now tomorrow I have to call a different part of Verizon back during normal business hours, then call the collections agency, then call Verizon back to make sure they get all connected up with the collections agency, then call Experian to make sure it won’t affect my credit history. Talk about a ridiculous waste of time because of Verizon’s lack of follow through on an account cancellation and internal buracracy.

End of the story: don’t give Verizon one penny of your money. Be sure to get everything in writing when you cancel your service. Verizon has some very great employees (I spoke with one this evening), but their internal workings are screwed up. They don’t follow through with actions like full account cancellation, and don’t do enough to check the identity of callers.

Update: Even worse – I talked to the collections department at Verizon this morning and they didn’t send me to collections – this was for a land line I had with GTE (who was purchased by Verizon) over 7 years ago. It would appear the collections agency acquired some form debt from GTE as a part of the sale. Now I need to start a formal dispute process in order to get details about what the GTE thing was all about. This is getting more and more silly (and time consuming) by the minute.

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