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Food allergies in dogs…

By Sparky | April 5, 2007

Skype had developed a sore on his front paw so I took him to the vet this morning. They took a small biopsy of the growth (which was quite the struggle once he figured out what we were up to) and we should know more in a few days. We also discovered that he has another ear infection – certainly not a good thing. Skype HATES getting ear drops, but now he has to get 2 different kinds of drops twice a day for another two weeks – boy will THAT be fun…

Since he has had several ear infections in the last year the Dr. is looking for a root cause. She suspects that he might have a food allergy so I have to switch him to a hypo-allergenic dog food and ONLY feed him that for a while. Skype is going to hate not getting treats, but hopefully it will clear up some of his skin and ear irritations.

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