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Back in the saddle again

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

It’s been a crazy and fun week! I’ve been keeping myself busy with all sorts of things – my dad passed through town and I’ve gone on a few dates. Dad being in town was great – he is on his way to up Abbotsford to see my Grandpa and stopped by to stay the night last night on his way. As always it was nice to see him, and I’ll be seeing him and the rest of the family this weekend when I drive up to join them at my grandpa’s house.

I’ve also gone on a few dates recently! In the past few years I’ve been either dating Brien, or not dating at all. Not dating sure is an easy solution to relationship problems, but it’s not necessarily a good one. As with all things “long forgotten” it can be hard to get back into the dating scene. I almost feel like I’ve forgotten how to meet new people.

Dating is such a funny concept any way – It seems somewhat forced and contrived by our society. I’m certainly in favor of hanging out with friends, but often if a friendship (or a new acquaintance) suddenly gets the ‘date’ label applied to it something changes. It becomes less casual, more formal, more examined. I don’t know if becoming less casual is necessarily a bad thing, but I don’t see why the whole concept cant be relaxed into simply hanging out and having fun with someone rather than putting huge labels and expectations on it. If things work out and it gets serious then great, if not who cares – you made a new friend.

Oh well – hopefully something good will come of it soon enough, and I’ll just keep enjoying the dates as they come.


Saturday, March 17th, 2007

Early this afternoon I went with Brien to the Cinerama to go see 300. It’s another Frank Miller graphic novel brought to life. The topic is the Battle of Thermopolae, and while the movie is light on substance it’s a beautiful flick with great art direction. Having 300 hot, dirty, sweaty men running around covered in their ex-enemies never hurt either!

In other news I still love my car. I wish the weather would start cooperating so I can give him a bath and do a proper photoshoot with my DSLR. For now the following shot from last Wednesday will simply have to do:

A6 front grill

A6 front grill” by sparktography

The best form of retail therapy

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Am I really getting that old? I finally had my fill of sporty cars and decided that I should trade my GLI in for something a little more comfortable for the commute. University Audi was kind enough to hook me up with a simply stunning used Audi A6 with all the goodies:


Sadly thanks to the rain this morning it’s already filthy and I haven’t even had it for a full day yet! Light coat of mud aside I’m really happy with it – it’s big, comfy, and exuding leather and wood from every nook and cranny. It’s certainly a different experience to drive than my GLI was – it glides along rather than hugging the road and screaming like a bat out of hell.

Next thing you know I’ll start wearing starched shirts and buy a house just so I can yell at kids to get off my lawn!

Monday, March 12th, 2007

I’m always behind the bandwagon on adopting Yahoo’s recent acquisitions but I finally picked up is a social networking and tagging site for URLS. It’s kind of like Digg (although predates it by years), but with much more of a focus on tagging things.

Do you use Add sparktography as a friend, or just check out links I’ve tagged.

Coming soon

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

Coming soon

Taken for Photogamer Challenge #4. The invasion is on it’s way. You don’t see this animal every day… yet!

Viva La GNR Revolution!
Coming soon” by sparktography

A lazy sunday morning

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

Laying on the couch with Skype while drinking coffee, watching History of the World Part I, and wading through the river RSS. Just what the doctor ordered for a cold rainy Sunday morning!

Apple updates 802.11n drivers

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

If like me you have been having some problems with Apples new 802.11n drivers for their Core 2 Duo products you will be pleased to hear that Apple has released an update which improves reliability and stability when working with 3rd party routers. My Macbook had securityd hang a few times (and take the system with it) thanks to the original drivers so I’m pleased to see how quickly Apple released a fix.

It’s tax time…

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Like a creepy old uncle who touches you in inappropriate places Uncle same is about to be touching my wallet again this year, only in more fantastically obscene ways than in years past. I’m at home now trying to gather all my receipts before heading over to my local tax guru to find out just how bad the damage is.

Wish me luck!

Civ4 hole

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Just… One… More… Turn!

God this really is a good game. A peak of technical entertainment with all the right things to make me click through turn after turn after turn. That is all.

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