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Mirrorworks: Mirrorworked

By Sparky | March 26, 2007

The masters work

The above photo is of the finished product of Mirrorworks amazing job restoring and detailing my car. They did a full clay bar and polish treatment to get the paint back to it’s former glory and then did a fantastic job treating the leather in the interior and steam cleaning the floors and mats. The paint is silky smooth and has its former inner glow. I’m simply stunned at the difference the treatment made – even though it was expensive I figure it’s the best thing I can do to protect such my treasured Pimpmobile

It’s one hell of a detail job and I’m now a convert – I won’t let anyone but Mirrorworks touch my car from now on! For a better understanding of the miracle they accomplished check out the before picture, or my new Pimpmobile set on Flickr for some of the photos I took during the restoration and detailing process..

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One Response to “Mirrorworks: Mirrorworked”

  1. Janet Says:
    March 27th, 2007 at 4:33 pm

    You named your car the PIMPMOBILE? Hmm. How Freudian.