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By Sparky | March 24, 2007

Today I drove up to Abbotsford, BC to join the rest of the family with my Grandpa Vernon for dinner. I don’t see him as often as I would like, and it troubles me. I love my Grandpa for many good reasons, and hate being around him for equally good reasons.


He’s a genius – speaks 7 languages, understands fine art, and grew up a professor of language as an open man – embracing of all cultures and walks of life. Grandpa was a role model to many of his students, and as well for his two children.

Sadly when he retired he moved back to the Mennonite community in Abbotsford and has been gradually becoming bitter, bigoted, racist, and homophobic. His Christian moral values are becoming more extreme, and his world view is becoming more and more negative.

Losing Grandma last year was very hard on him. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be married to someone for 60 years – it’s so much longer than I’ve been alive – let alone lived with someone. I sympathize for him and have appreciation for he’s lived through – he’s experience everything from WW2 and the great depression to losing Grandma after a life of pain.

I love him and realize that he’s lonely and should visit more often, but it’s really hard to do when everything around him seems to center around negativity and hate. The decline I’ve seen in both his outlook on life, as well as and end to his feeling of swamped and love for all human being fade has left feeling that It’s simply no longer fun to be around him.

Grandpa” by sparktography

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