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Thankfully it’s all over…

By Sparky | February 28, 2007

It’s been a long and stressful day – luckily it’s pretty much over. The day started late with taking Brien to the auto shop so he could get his bumper re-wrapped, and finished with a minor production emergency at work (which I just saw through to resolution now at about 9:30) with all sorts of stress, struggles, politics, and other trials at work.

After struggling to get my network up and running yesterday it just seemed to continue on into a full 24 hour saga of network, application, and other issues at work. Thankfully it all seems behind me and I can get back to focusing on writing specs again tomorrow at work – one of the few things I really do enjoy about being a PM. Analyzing requirements and writing them into the living spec is fun!

Now I’m curled up in bed with Skype about to settle into one of life’s true joys: Chrono Trigger. I have my trusty (and newly updated) version of Snes9x for the mac, and my rom image. And yes – before anyone comes and knocks in my door I do actually own the cartridge (thank you eBay). And yes – as I was just reminded on IRC this is the 5th time I’ve played this game in my adult life – it’s just that good!

I would play on an SNES if I had one. I wish they would release Chrono Trigger for the virtual console on the Wii, but from what I’ve heard thats unlikely due to the IP owners splitting paths years ago. Oh IP law and your silliness.

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