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IT struggles

By Sparky | February 26, 2007

Today has been an IT heavy day. My old 802.11g wireless access point died so I bit the bullet and upgraded my entire network. I now have only gigabit ethernet for my wired connections (both the router and the hubs) and 802.11n to go with my Macbook for fast data transfers and longer range.

POTD 02/26/07 - Network domination

After getting this little corner bookshelf to act as my ‘network hutch’ and contain the many pieces of networking equipment began the multi-hour saga to get it all set back up, all my ports forwarded correctly, and everything else working like butter. Sadly I couldn’t get the old AP working so I’m 802.11n only for right now – no more free wireless for my neighbors until I go pick up another cheap AP.

The mail was also kind to me today: it delivered my Wii component cables. Unfortunately there is something weird going on with my receiver and I couldn’t get it to pass through the component signal so I have a somewhat janked setup right now with the Wii going directly to the TV (still). At least I was able to route the audio through my main AV setup and the big speakers.

All in all I’m somewhat frustrated having spent nearly 3 hours fighting with network equipment, but it all seems to be working now (sans 802.11b/g for the Wii to connect through), and I should be set for fast happy networking bliss.

Network domination” by sparktography

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