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Sunday brunch

By Sparky | February 25, 2007

POTD 02/25/07 - Sultry Alissa 02

My friend Alissa (pictured above – another shot is here) has a crepes brunch at her house today. It was simply delightful! I got to meet a lot of her friends, as well as hang out with my old recruiting buddy Ron for a while. Everyone brought a crepes topping and we all talked, took photos, and played Settlers of Catan for about four hours.

After the brunch I had Mike and company over for some video games, bad movies, and pizza – all in all a very satisfying end to my weekend. We played some Crackdown and watched the worst movie in history: Mazes and Monsters.

Speaking of Crackdown it’s a fantastic – if not short – game. I beat the final boss today and discovered it’s twist of an evening. I kind of wish they had delayed the launch slightly and added more content – but that can’t be helped. It was well worth the money I spent on it to get a week of fun running around on the rooftops causing chaos.

Sultry Alissa 02” by sparktography

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