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By Sparky | February 21, 2007

I have to say: I’m impressed with Crackdown. It’s the great game – the polar opposite of Grand Theft Auto and other similar games. Rather than playing a thug you get to play a genetically modified supercop charged with ridding the city of it’s many crime bosses and gangs. Mind you – the more violent the approach to ridding the city of crime the better. Having a license to kill rocks!

Normally I detest shooter games because I lack the ‘twitch factor’, but Crackdown features a unique targeting system that lets you focus more on movement than on aiming. This combined with the matrix style running (think jumping from rooftop to rooftop during a firefight) makes for a fun and addictive gaming experience.

The downside: I’m so addicted to the game that I haven’t posted a POTD since I got the game. Hopefully in a few more nights I’ll be able to tear myself away from Crackdown long enough to go shooting and take some more shots.

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