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Project Re:M1xed

By Sparky | February 20, 2007

My friend Mike and I had an idea of creating a movie mashup entirely from other movies. Fair use gives us the right to use up to 8 seconds of another work without violating their copyright, so why not make a short film (5-10 minutes) made entirely from 8 second or less clips of other movies.

So far we are thinking doing a homage to cult Sci-Fi movies by making our own from the leavings of others. We have a library of 750+ DVD’s to pull samples from, and access to decent video editing tools to make our job easier. We may interleave audio and video from different sources simultaneously to allow for more dialog and action options, but only 8 seconds per sample will be allowed.

We are looking for help in everything from envisioning to helping polish the final project. Obviously this is not for money, but it should prove to be a blast. If you have creative ideas that might make this better we want to hear them – join us in our creative endeavor – just leave a comment or drop me an email!

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