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Dog hiccups and other fun things

By Sparky | February 18, 2007

I lay here on my couch exhausted from the goings on of yesterday. Skype is equally exhausted and is passed out in a little ball next to me. He’s hiccuping in the cutest possible way – there really is very little on this earth as a sleeping dog that’s convulsing uncontrollably in the throes of hiccups.

Someone recently commented to me that my blog was very beige. They didn’t mean the color scheme, but more the fact that my life is rather boring. I actually appreciated that more than the person intended: I like the boring quiet life! Luckily I still do have the occasional splash of color in my life as yesterday exhibited:

The afternoon movie showing was quite exciting! I had 8 people show up for drinks, movies, and other sorts of orgastic excess. Skype of course had a blast – it’s almost more than he can bear to have that many drunk people show up and play with him. For an idea of the happenings check out the (dark and long) Quicktime timelapse I made.

Take that beige! Now back to our regularly scheduled beige.

Oh yeah – and I’ve developed a love affair with Tilda Swinton! She’s just so good at being bad!

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