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A few photos

By Sparky | January 28, 2007

Red and yellow

This morning I went up to Volunteer Park to wander around the conservatory and cemetery with my lensbaby. I got this little gem in the conservatory. For some reason the colors make the think of the 60′s – the soft focus also seems to lend it that feel. It’s a good contrast to my other favorite photo from today:

POTD 01/28/07 - Tennis

This one was of the tennis courts. With all the bad weather we have been having they haven’t seen much use lately. They seemed to emanate a loneliness and decay that begged for an old-school treatment like this. Tennis actually ended up being the photo of the day, but Red and Yellow was a close second.

I like how both photos seem to make me think of old photographs. I’ve noticed that my style has been trending this way of late. I’m actually half tempted to go get an old bellows camera and start playing around truly old school with black and white film – not just in the digital darkroom with my lensbaby shots.

Red and yellow” by sparktography
Tennis” by sparktography

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