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Just… one… more… turn…

By Sparky | December 24, 2006

Damn Civilization 4 is addictive. It’s got that “just one more turn” mentality. Even in the face of competition for my attention from such things as my brand new Wii, Twilight Princess, and hanging out with a bunch of friends Civilization 4 has won! I’ve spent almost the entire last two days playing nothing but it.

Turn after turn of nurturing my civilization from the most meager of beginnings to a culturally sophisticated and dominant force to be reckoned with. It shares some of the best qualities of Sim City, Sim Earth, and Age of Empires – a great AI and automated queueing system, detailed control structures and play mechanisms, and a great interface.

At least I a managing to get out of the house a bit – I just got done having brunch at Charlies with Brien and now we are headed up to Northgate to brave the wilds of consumerism and find him a HD-DVD player. Want, buy, have! Merry Christmas!

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