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42 stitches

By Sparky | December 7, 2006

I went over to the Tom Bihn factory with Skype today so he could try fitting my Macbook in some prototypes of new bags. Unfortunately Skype behaved badly with his dog Reilly and tried to get into a bit of a fight, but other than that it was a great visit. I just kept Skype on his leash and right next to me while Tom, Darcy, and myself sat around for a while talking about bags and computers.

Tom made me a longer key loop for one of my bags and I got to see the coolest sewing machine ever in action. This machine sews 42 stitches automatically into a strip to seal two ends together. It’s almost hypnotic to watch it pound out 42 stitches so precisely in about a second. I took this video of the mechanical ballet – check it out:

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