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Gears of war, or why I’m not in the Army

By Sparky | December 6, 2006

God I suck at first person shooters. I couldn’t beat the first level of Halo 2, and now that Gears of War is out I’m not faring any better. A friend picked me up a copy at the Microsoft company store and I sat down to play it. An hour later I had died 40 times and still was not out of the tutorial.

I guess I just lack that part of the brain that can aim, walk, and shoot at the same time. When I try to aim from cover enemies shoot me. If I try to stay in cover I get shot anyway. Basically the game boiled down to me getting shot over, and over, and over again – all before I started the game proper anyway.

Picking flowers for alchemy in Oblivion is more my speed. If only Oblivion had not betrayed me I would be diving back in right now. I need to find a good RPG to settle into – perhaps digging back into Dragon Quest 8 again?

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