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Marbles the Macbook

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

POTD 11/15/06 - Macbaby

Meet Marbles, my new Core2Duo Macbook. He’s pretty much the only ray of light in an otherwise draining and shitty week. I started the week disadvantaged by sleep deprivation due to Mind Camp, and it’s just gotten worse. I’ve had a lot of emergencies at work, and spent a lot of sleepless nights (OK – to be fair I did get 90 minutes of sleep Monday night).

All these late nights and stress at work is slowly taking it’s toll on me and my health. I’ve had a sore throat for a couple of days, and was running a low grade fever today at work. I’m really hoping that if I keep up on my vitamin C and can continue last nights trend of getting a reasonable (although not great) amount of sleep that I’ll be able to ward of getting sick again.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend. No un-conference, no work, nothing – just me sitting on my couch watching movies and playing with Marbles.

Macbaby” by sparktography

One of those weeks (already)

Monday, November 13th, 2006

POTD 11/13/06 - The drug

It’s been one of those long days. I didn’t sleep Saturday night because of Mind Camp, was up late Sunday night because of work stuff, and now it’s 11:13pm on Monday and I’m just getting ready to drive back into the office to help fix something that broke. Luckily I have my drug of choice caffeine to keep me company till the wee hours of the morning.

It’s just not my week this week.

POTD 11/13/06 – The drug” by sparktography

Mind Camp has a posse

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Mind Camp 3.0 - Favorites

Taken at Seattle Mind Camp 3.0 – Seattle’s premiere un-conference featuring the best and brightest of technology all under the same roof for 24 hours learning from each other, and exploring our passions. This particular crosshatched image was drawn with a pen by a drawing robot put together by the MAKE crew. The original image was taken with a camera and fed into a computer to be processed by the Drawbot. I took a lot of photos with my Lensbaby. Check out Flickr for 100′s of shots I’ve taken in the last 24 hours.

All in all I had a blast. I actually left a little early (I’m too old to stay up for 36 hours at a go) but had 20 great hours geeking with like-minded souls, and playing a delightful game that was passing around: Werewolf. It’s a great mix of social skills, logic, and really getting to know your neighbor in an effort to figure out if they are the werewolf!

I also got my first chance to get some hands on time with the Wii. Nintendo brought one out for part of the evening and let us get some hands on time with it. I’m very impressed with how intuitive the system is, and was taken aback by how small it was – the Wiimote was about 25% smaller than I had envisioned, and the Wii it’self is barely bigger than a DVD case (obviously wider than a single case – but no wider than 4 standard DVD cases stacked together).

Mind Camp 3.0 – Favorites” by sparktography

Macs at Mindcamp

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

So I’m here at Seattle Mind Camp 3.0 having a blast and I have an observation. A year ago at the first Mind Camp about 10% of the participants had Apple Laptops. Last April at Mind Camp 2.0 about 30% of the campers had Macs, and this time over half of the laptops here are Macbooks or Macbook Pro’s.

Are we the trend leaders, or has Apple really made that much of an inroad into the Seattle tech community in the last 12 months? I realize a lot of companies have come to Seattle that buy Macs for their employees (Google to name a big one) but still – it’s a lot of growth.

Viva La APPLE!

The flood

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

The flood

A lot of people are flooded into their homes and communities here in Western Washington. I’m rather glad that I live on the top of Capitol Hill where the flooding is unlikely to hit my home and that my standard commute is well drained. I feel for my co-workers and friends who live in Duvall – the entire town has become an island with no way on or off.

Thankfully today it was not raining all day. I was able to escape for a few minutes during a sun-break and take this photo of a (rather superfluous) fire hydrant at work. My project hit a major milestone last night and the end of a long journey is ahead – I can’t wait to see what next awaits me over the current horizon.

The flood” by sparktography

The Galaxy Room

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

POTD 11/7/06 - Galaxy Room

Happy Birthday Alissa! She celebrated at my favorite little restaurant: Chez Gaudy. It’s a hidden little place on Capitol Hill here in Seattle with good wine, great food, and a fun atmosphere. I love it when I get to sit in the Galaxy Room – although tonight we were not graced with that privilege.

Have I mentioned how much I love my Lensbaby 2G? It really makes taking photos a very fun process – bendy, twisty, and challenging!

Galaxy Room” by sparktography

On splashing through puddles

Monday, November 6th, 2006

POTD 11/6/06 - Stop

Today kind of sucked – it has been pouring rain for several days now and Western Washington is on a flood watch. I normally wouldn’t mind so much other than having to walk Skype, and learning a lesson about physics and fluid dynamics the hard way today:

I have learned that water is hard as concrete at any decent speed. I was going about 45 mph on SR 520 on the way to work this morning, and one of the corners was flooded. It don’t look too deep so I plowed on through. I quickly discovered that the puddle was about 9″ deep, and the force of the water pushed the front spoiler and bumper on my car into the wheel well.

There was no cosmetic damage, but it dented the inside of the wheel well and made my tire scrape whenever I was taking a right turn. Luckily Chaplins VW is near the Microsoft campus so I was able to take my precious car there during lunch to have it inspected and fixed – they even got it done by the end of the day so I could even drive it home.

The good part of the story? It was the cheapest body work ever: $55.67 to repair the wheel well and get the tire properly aligned again. The moral of the story? Even a puddle of water do body damage!

Stop” by sparktography

Two Union Square

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Two Union Square is one of my favorite buildings in Seattle – it’s such a bold engineering statement, towering up with gentle curves and gridline architectural accents. I took a couple of Lensbaby shots today of the unique Seattle landmark.

The first one was taken during the morning while the sun was still shining. I took it from ground level just outside the Hillcrest market. Between the light fog and a little Photoshop massage it has a very dreamlike quality. I took the second shot from Brien’s balcony during some light rain.

Two Union Square
* * *

Top of Two Union

Two Union Square” by sparktography
Top of Two Union” by sparktography

This phone is tapped

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

This phone is tapped

I took a walk up to Mud Bay to get food for Skype today and brought along my 10D and Lensbaby. I found this pay-phone with stickered warning along the way. What a great statement about modern life here in the United States – be careful what you say on the phone these days. Big brother is watching!

On a surprisingly similar note I saw Borat last night with Brien and Scott. I have to say for the record it’s one the of least culturally sensitive films I’ve ever seen, and I feel guilty for having laughed so hard it hurt. Borat manages to strike a truly funny balance between offensive and “too far”/

This phone is tapped” by sparktography

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