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Over the pass and through the woods

By Sparky | November 22, 2006

The good news is I made it to Walla Walla safe and sound. The bad news – I’m not home right now. I actually wouldn’t mind traveling if I could bring my whole condo with me, but I just like having my regular schedule, and my things arranged around me in my special little way.

Aside from the stress of getting out the door this morning (thanks to a work emergency, and forgetting things multiple times, and Skype being rather fussy) it was actually a fairly uneventful trip – the passes were rainy but clear, and traffic was moving at a clean 70-80MPH the rest of the way home.

Now that I’m here I have to admit that it’s nice to see the whole family. Last time we were all together was when my grandma died – and obviously I’d much rather see them under the guise of giving thanks rather than mourning the dead. I think this is actually the first time that the whole family (my sisters husband Dave included) has been together under the same roof with Skype – he’s been rather excited about the whole experience and the loads of love that he’s getting slathered on top of his already love-laden life.

I have taken a bunch of pictures already while I’m down here. I won’t have an opportunity to go through my workflow until I get home, but soon enough I promise to post something here.

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