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Explorations with my Lensbaby

By Sparky | October 29, 2006

Happy fall back day! I barely notice any more given how most of my clocks are computers and computers are nice enough to do that for me. Mom and I went out for some breakfast before taking her down to her much adored Seattle REI flagship store.

After getting back from REI I went exploring with my new Lensbaby. I took couple hundred shots to try and get a better feel for this unusual lens. Given how dynamic and organic both the lens and it’s results are I think I’m going to have a lot of fun learning this new lens.

I took several self portraits on Summit Street in the reflection of a glass door to an apartment building. I think the below shot is my favorite self portrait yet – and the Picture of the Day for today.

POTD 10/29/06 - Antique self

I also got this colorful shot over on Pine. The man in the background is walking his dog to go pick up a Seattle Weekly. I like the way the bright colors combine with the warped blur effect that the Lensbaby gives photos. It makes it possible to really pull a subject out of a scene.

Coming for the news

I’m glad I went out when I did – a rain/wind storm has kicked up while I’ve been busy editing the whole batch of photos. I’m planning on a nice quiet evening tonight in a warm condo, watching movies and preparing for the week ahead.

Antique self” by sparktography
Coming for the news” by sparktography

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