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Yet more construction

By Sparky | October 24, 2006

POTD 10/24/06 - Yet more construction

Today was the first miserably wet day of the year. Rain was pounding when I drove to work this morning reminding me just how poorly my car handles in low traction situations. Luckily it let up enough by the time I had arrived to snap a few quick pictures of the construction around my office that gets ever closer to the building and entrance I use.

As you can see from the picture the massive equipment is now literally up to the door. I can’t imagine being one of the poor people who’s window looked out on to a back-hoe from 5 feet – I know I would go mad with the distraction.

Aside from the rain today was actually a pretty good day – I got a lot done at work, and have been home for the last couple of hours working on reorganizing my condo and poking at email.

On another good note Firefox 2.0 launched today. I have always loved Firefox from a functional perspective but prefer Camino for it’s speed, elegance, and simplicity. The new 2.0 release is a lot leaner and faster than 1.5 yet improves on usability. Given the power that Firefox brings to the table with it’s extensible plugins I might just have to try using both it and Camino for a while to see what my long term impressions of the new release are.

POTD 10/24/06 – Yet more construction” by sparktography

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