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iSight Vodcast

By Sparky | October 3, 2006

A quick post to test how well the built in microphone and iSight in my iMac work:

I would say the answer is pretty well for simple stuff like this. Obviously I won’t be shooting the next special effects blockbuster with the thing, but it does a pretty decent job for this type of application. I also note that using the new iMovie HD was surprisingly easy and painless.The Core 2 Duo also impressed when I finally exported it. It did a h.264 encode down to 320×240 and managed to compress the 95MB of DV video into about 2MB in less than 10 seconds.

Update: As further testament to how easy this whole process was I just realized that I sat down at my computer less than 15 minutes ago. In that time I was able to do two takes of the video podcast, trim it, add a title and compress it for the web – not to mention writing this post and uploading the video to my hosting provider. iMovie HD + iSight = a strong win for Sparky!

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