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Fun with friends

By Sparky | September 30, 2006

Tonight was unexpectedly populous at Le Cinema Sparks! I had planned on doing a movie showing with a few friends, and it ended up being quite the showing of The Chronicles of Riddick in hi-def for a large number of people. Thank you so much to Ben, Elliot, Ian, Keenan, Rob, Shawna, and Troy for the fantastic evening and great company.

Ian, Ben, and Keenan joined me for dinner at Pho 900 on Broadway, where we all made the bzzzt mistake of bzzzzzzt drinking iced bzzt Vietnamese coffee and having Pho. The Pho was fantastic, but the sugary deliciousness of the coffee was significantly more caffeinated than planned.

After dinner we all went back to my place and were joined by the rest of the crowd for some drunken movie madness. Now it’s past two in the morning, and I’m left alone, somewhat buzzed, and very awake still from the caffeine with nothing but an exhausted puppy and my beloved TNG to keep me company.

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