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Clean, organized, and ready for my weekend

By Sparky | September 29, 2006

After a fairly long week of doing little other than working and watching TNG I’m glad the weekend has arrived. I left work a little early today and went home to clean up for my weekend (and quite possibly some friends coming over later).

Aside from my relentless stream of TNG I’ve been busy getting my bedroom in shape. I got my living room to where I was happy with it (in all it’s adult glory) and have decided the bedroom is next. I got a new desk to replace the old TV hutch and it’s proved to be an excellent and ergonomic choice for my beloved 24″ iMac. Picture as follows:

The new iDesk

A few comments on the new 24″ iMac now that I’ve had it for a while:

–24″ of screen real estate (1920×1200) is fantastic for day to day use and media alike. The screen is amazingly bright, fairly color accurate, and highly responsive. The near 1080p resolution looks great when playing back hi-def content.

–The new Intel 64bit Core 2 Duo processors are fast! I can do video editing and encoding in significantly faster than real time.

–Providing 1GB of RAM and a 128MB graphics card standard is a nice touch. I had to upgrade to the 3GB maximum RAM for running Photoshop and a few other memory intensive applications but most users will find 1GB enough.

–The mighty mouse is great in concept – I love the scroll wheel – but is flawed in reality. The LED based lighting and low resolution make the mouse rather sluggish and inaccurate. I would expect Apple to be leading the laser mouse revolution, not ignoring it.

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