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Entertainment: The Next Generation

By Sparky | September 23, 2006

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The best possible thing arrived yesterday in the mail from Costco: all seven seasons of Star Trek The Next Generation! Costco had a special deal on their website where you can get all seven seasons shipped for a little over $300 and I simply couldn’t resist.

Brien and I immediately dug into Season 3, and I spent much of last night and the day so far today watching it in a window on iChoad while working on some stuff. The video quality is only average (they didn’t clean it up much – it’s still interlaced and only minimally cleaner than the NTSC source it came from), but the new 5.1 soundtrack is a lot cleaner than the original broadcasts over NTSC.

Oh Space Drama, how I love thee in all 49 discs of your glory!

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