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Lazy weekend of Enchanted Arms

By Sparky | September 10, 2006

I sit here on the couch, drinking iced coffee, and listening to some Panoptica while catching up on the blogosphere. Yesterday I did blessedly little – aside from going to Costco and EB Games with Brien to pick up food and Enchanted Arms I did practically nothing. I sat on my couch, played Enchanted Arms, and spent some quality time with Skype.

Today has been slightly more active. I woke up early to get working on laundry and catch up on other things around the house. I am rather proud of all the work I got done before noon. I managed to get a presentation ready for tomorrow and go for a decent little walk with skype while my laundry ran. Now I get to spend the rest of the day lounging around on the couch drinking my coffee and playing more Enchanted Arms.

Enchanted Arms: gay!!Enchanted Arms by the way is the first Japanese style RPG (aside from the MMORPG Final Fantasy Online) to come to the Xbox 360 and I have to say I’ve got some mixed feelings on it. The story gets good after a few hours, but the introduction is simply the gayest thing on the face of the planet. It starts off with three high-school boys learning magic who are gay, gay, GAY. I’m not sure but I would wager that the amount of gayness would manage to turn off all but the most hard-core gaymers. I mean I’m a gay man and I was offended – I can only imagine what the straight guys would say.

The other negative thing is the endless tutorials that the game seems to want me to jump through. There are an endless number of objects that you can interact with by pressing the A button. One might find this an intuitive interface, but they didn’t think so and are constantly interrupting gameplay to have another character guide you through the process of pressing A to interact with the container, swim, ride the elevator, pick up the flowerpot, etc.

Luckily after a few hours the gay and the gay tutorials tone down a bit and the rest of the characters get together and it becomes a really good game. It’s much more linear than the western style of RPG’s that I’ve been playing of late like Oblivion, but has a fantastic story to make up for it. The combat system is also really well evolved and plays very strategically. Every PC is put on a grid and you have to move them around and use very preset moves similar to chess.

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