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10 Simple pleasures

By Sparky | August 25, 2006

My friend Jason has gone limp and let the meme-o-sphere make him it’s bitch. Luckily this involved putting up a post that’s all about his 10 favorite simple pleasures in life that I enjoyed reading quite a bit.

Why not follow suit? I’m sure my readers could come up with many reasons why not to follow suit, however I’ve decided to preemptively ignore them. Without further ado here is my list of simple things that make my life happy, and presented in no order whatsoever.

–FatherhoodSkype has changed my life in more ways than I could possibly list here. There is just something fantastic to be said about having a rough day and being able to come home to 70 pounds of unconditional love.

–Caramel Apple Pie Ala Mode – The best comes from Charlies on Broadway, but I’ll take any and all CAP that I can get! Warm carmelly crust, sweet and sloppy apple innards, and that cool creamy ice cream melting into it all just tickles my fancy just fine!

–Technology that “just works” – I love technology, but when it’s not working I get more frustrated than I often care to admit. There is something magical (and highly elegant behind the scenes) of anything that just works.

Perfect examples are my iPod (for instance plugging it into my Powerbook or my Xbox 360 produces the exact results I’m looking for with no intervention), stereo equipment, land line phones, keyless entry for my car, and the 100′s of other little things that are so technically honed at this point we all take them for granted.

When technology works correctly it blends into the rest of your life and adds functionality without taking away from the experience. What more of a simple pleasure could you list?

– Watching movies on my couch – My life seems to revolve around this particular activity for long stretches of time. It’s not really the movies, the couch, or any one thing about the experience – but I would rather be curled up on the couch with Skype watching a good movie than just about anything else.

Heck – I even prefer watching movies at home to the theater 90% of the time. I’ll only go see the rarest of big blockbusters (or Snakes on a Plane) in the theater, but usually between the people, the distractions, and the noise I would rather be at home.

On that topic I just set up an email list that’s all about movies, and watching them. If you know me, and live in Seattle then shoot me an email or leave a comment and I’d be happy to set you up on the announce list for “Le Cinema Sparks”.

– Getting stoned – What can I say, I truly appreciate being able to completely unwind once in a while and just get baked. The old (and more career-oriented) I get the less often I find myself able to do this, but it does not stop me from treasuring it whenever I do.

Clinique skin care – I’m hooked. Brien got me into it, and as silly as the idea seems I just feel like a happier person when my skin is all soft and moisturized. I guess it’s the 45 year old women that lives in the back of my head and yells at kids to get off her lawn.

– Console gaming – If I spend too much time watching movies on my couch then I have two problems because I spend nearly as much time laying on my couch playing video games. Oblivion, Dead Rising, and The New Super Mario Bros are all current obsessions.

– An abundance of information in our society – I love information, and love to learn. I can’t count how many hours I spend on my couch just wandering around the internet absorbing all of it’s goodness. Skittering around on Wikipedia, jumping from RSS feed to RSS feed, and watching human knowledge slowly present and organize itself.

– Hanging out with good friends – The older I get the more I realize how valuable true friends are, and how precious they are to me. Even those friends I don’t see terribly often still add value and meaning to my life and I really enjoy spending time with them, particularly when I can combine spending time with a good friend with other simple pleasures on this list.

– Good Science Fiction – I don’t care if it’s written, audio only, or a full movie experience: I just love good sci-fi. Some personal favorites are Cory Doctorow, Isaac Asimov, and Philip K. Dick. Curling up with a convincing and innovative view of the future is the first step to towards thinking about and creating that future. Let’s get on it people!

Having had a rather stressful week I think I’ll be trying to indulge in a number (or quite possibly all) of these this weekend. I have my dad passing through town on Sunday, but I have pretty much all day on Saturday earmarked for the majority of this list.

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