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By Sparky | August 18, 2006

Wow – I have to admit, I went to see Snakes on a Plane with low expectations, and came away impressed as all hell. The mere concept was worth the $10 for admission (I mean seriously – it’s snakes on a plane), but its actually an exceptionally well executed B movie with some great one liners and the best premise ever.

I mean you can’t go into Snakes on a Plane taking it seriously. There is very little realism involved, but for a cheap thriller it can’t be beat. Anything that features Samuel L. Jackson fighting snakes (on a plane) with tasers and impromptu flame throwers is a win in my book.

Sadly given how few people were there on opening night at the Cinerama I’m betting that it won’t do well in the box office. Fortunatly given how excited the small crowd was, and how enthusiastic the hissing was when the film started I’m guessing Snakes on a Plane will end up a nearly instantanious cult clasic, earning its place in the B movie hall of fame along with Zardoz and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Oh well – off to my couch to watch Barbarella and cuddle with puppy till I pass out in blissful (snake free) peace.

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