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Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children

By Sparky | August 15, 2006

Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children was just released on DVD. Now I was a huge fan of the first Final Fantasy movie – The Spirits Within, and even a fan of a all but the most recent Final Fantasy games, but somehow Advent Children manages to disappoint me.

I just got the DVD in the mail and popped it in to watch it. The story seems too built on top of Final Fantasy VII (the video game) and without having played it I found the movie difficult to get into. There are some cute cliches, and a lot of throwbacks to the game as a series, but Advent Children lacks the intelligent story and true artistry that the The Spirits Within was so rich with.

To top it off the DVD is a very poorly encoded. For such a cutting edge computer generated movie I would have expected much higher video quality. Other CG content (The Incredibles for instance) looks so fantastic, and given that the production company does not even need to worry about a film transfer so it’s really a shame.

I’m suddenly inspired to go get another copy of Final Fantasy – The Spirits Within for my collection. It’s a much better movie, and from what I remember is an order of magnitude better of a transfer.

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