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An interesting trip to say the least

By Sparky | June 30, 2006

I had no idea how interesting my trip would be when I left my house shortly after noon today to head home to Walla Walla and see the family. Being the proud new owner of a 12,000 BTU air conditioner for my condo made the irony of my car’s air conditioner dying all the more piquant – particularly since it died in 100+ degree weather over by Yakima.

Sadly my story gets a bit more serious here. I drove to the VW dealership in Yakima and asked them to take a look at it. Given that my lights and blinkers were not working either I assumed it was a simple fuse. No such luck: the ignition switch in my steering column broke, and melted several wires.

Please everyone, don’t point out the irony of a VW with an electrical problem. I’m well aware at this point.

Unfortunately given the holiday weekend the parts they need to fix it won’t be delivered to Yakima until Wednesday, and I need to be back at work before then. Thankfully VW’s legendary service stepped in and got me a loaner car for a week. I drove my loaner home to Walla Walla, and then on Monday will drive it back to Seattle. Sometime next weekend (most likely Saturday) I’ll have to drive it back to Yakima to trade it in for my precious GLI.

The Yakima VW dealership is rather low rent and also specializes in Suzuki’s, and being just before the big holiday weekend were out of proper loaners. They managed to outfit me with an elderly used Suzuki, but I can’t really complain given that its a working car with air conditioning and I’m not really paying for it.

My final torture? The POS stereo in the Suzuki has no CD or aux input, and a weak antenna so the only listening options from Yakima to Walla Walla were either fire and brimstone christian talk radio, or the hispanic channel I can’t understand.

Oh the suffering! At least I’m here, and can spend a few days hiding from the world and enjoying my vacation. It could be worse – I could be this guy.

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