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A few steps forward and one step back

By Sparky | June 27, 2006

Skype is almost two years old and I’ve been very proud of the maturing that he’s been doing recently. I’ve been leaving him out in my condo more and more and locking him in the kitchen area while I’m gone less and less.

This week I decided to do the big experiment and tried leaving him out in the “big house” while I was gone at work on Monday. I was ecstatic when I got home to discover nothing destroyed and a very proud puppy waiting for me on the couch.

Sadly today we backtracked again when I repeated the experiment. I got home to discover he had eaten (well chewed to 2,431 pieces) one of my phone chargers. Luckily I only have Windows Mobile 5.0 devices these days and they all charge over standard USB so I have… uhmm… five of them, but still.

Oh well, we can try that experiment again in a few weeks I guess…

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