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Oh the pride

By Sparky | June 25, 2006

Today was Seattle’s Gay Pride Parade. I could have gone downtown to see the screaming gay masses but instead decided that a far more fitting way to celebrate my burgeoning homosexuality would be to watch the Silence of the Lambs trilogy today. After all: what better way to celebrate than to watch a series dedicated to eating the fleshy bits of men…

I figure I actually celebrated Pride plenty this year. I had forgotten it was this weekend and went out to the bars on Friday night. The horrors of gayness at it’s worst can be found at the Cuff and the Eagle on Pride weekend, and boy do I love it.

Aside from the horrors of pride I’ve been in radio silence for a short while. At Tres suggestion I picked up a copy of “Sword of Mana” and have been getting rather addicted. Sadly it’s meant juggling classic RPG goodness with my love of my Xbox 360 (now with more horrific storytelling) and the Oblivion it provides.

Sword of Mana manages to combine the best of the storytelling from the earlier Final Fantasy games, while bringing the action gameplay style from Zelda into the mix. I’m only about 8 hours in, but I’m hooked already.

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