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Rolling with the big dogs

By Sparky | June 21, 2006

As much as I normally hate 8am meetings this morning’s project kickoff meeting was great. The project I’ve been helping to scope and plan for at work got budget approval and I got to go over to the far reaches of the campus for the big kickoff meeting. It was mostly sitting in a giant conference room listening to big-wigs talk about budget and scheduling but it was fascinating to see what happens on the back end to approve projects and work to get them planned and budgeted within a giant organization like Microsoft.

It’s funny how this entire side of the software development process is so opaque to developers. I remember back in my dev days being handed a spec and really not knowing where it came from or what the process was to create it. Heck – it never even occurred to me that there was a process, I guess I just sort of assumed it magically appeared. Now that I’m on the other side of the house I’m getting my eyes opened to the how and why of the software development lifecycle and the reasons for strong methodologies and planning. Now it seems obvious that a multi-million dollar project can’t just be run by a bunch of teenage developers, but at the time that seemed like the best plan.

Ahh the things one learns as one gets older and wiser. With my quarter century mark looming ever closer I have to stop focusing on the older and start focusing on the wiser though – older happens regardless of intent, wiser takes effort and experiences to draw on.

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