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Not bitter at all

By Sparky | May 9, 2006

Today I had to take my car in to get the bumper re-painted because of a color mismatch and had a rather unpleasant experience. University Volkswagon unfortunately ran out of loaner cars, and made good on their promise to get me a ride to work by getting me an Enterprise Rent a Car. I am glad they got me a car, but bitter that I got a Hyundai Accent, one of the worst cars possible. The Accent is gutless, slow, ugly, and uncomfortable. It has no keyless entry, and feels unsafe at any speeds above 55 mph.

Luckily I don’t have to feel too bad about the whole situation – I have my Xbox 360, E3 trailers, and Jason to keep me company tonight. I’m kind of envious watching the E3 trailers because if not for my new job I would be at E3 right now soaking up the sites and blogging for Gear Live. I guess I will have to console myself with Oblivion and pizza I suppose.

Also: tired from work. Today was long, and very brain-drainy!

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