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Nearly a week down

By Sparky | April 27, 2006

On the new job and I must say I’m 100% glad I made the switch from recruiting. I still have a lot to learn but I’m starting to get my head around the meetings, specifications, and how best to represent both my users and the business.

Right now I’m splitting my time between the project I was hired to do (some proof of concept work) as well as spec’ing out a new version of a web product my group offers. It’s interesting to see the project management side of software development. Back when I was a developer I just kind of assumed that the specifications “happened” and I didn’t appreciate the detail, planning, and fore-thought that had to go into making something as amazingly complex as software work (well).

I’m looking forward to the week being over tomorrow. I have Mind Camp to look forward to over the weekend, and then another big week before I can finally “take a load off” and relax next weekend.

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